Japanstudien 12

Essen und Ernährung im modernen Japan

Issue editors: Nicola Liscutin & René Haak

Volume 12 of Japanstudien focuses on the subject of food in modern Japan. Apparently, eating is not about nutrition alone, rather, food and eating are - in all cultures - invested with a complex set of signifiers and symbols. Food as an expression of material culture has thus become an important research focus in cultural studies and anthropology. Also there are several important contributions from numerous fields of economic and business research. This volume extends the analytical framework of food by approaching the subject in Japan from various methodological as well as interdisciplinary perspectives. The articles that deal with this complex issue provide insights into the dynamics and diversity of the development and the current state of the complicated research subject food in Japan. Four book reviews of English and Japanese publications widen the spectrum of the themes and disciplines included in this yearbook.

Irmela Hijiya-Kirschnereit
Vorwort [Foreword]

Nicola Liscutin, René Haak
p. 23-44
Zwischen Burger und Sushi - Essen und Ernährung im modernen Japan. Eine Einführung [Between Burgers and Sushi - Food and Nutrition in Modern Japan]

Katarzyna J. Cwiertka
From Yokohama to Amsterdam: Meidi-ya and Dietary Change in Modern Japan

Franz Hintereder-Emde
Erkenntnis geht durch den Magen. Wirklichkeitserfahrungen am Leitfaden des Essens in Sōsekis ›Wagahai wa neko de aru‹ [The Way to a Man's Enlightenment Is Through His Stomach - What the Role of Food in Sōseki's Wagahai ha neko de aru (I am a Cat) Tells us

Tomoko Aoyama
Literary Daughters' Recipes: Food and Female Subjectivity in the Writings of Mori Mari and Koda Aya

Katja Schmidtpott
Heilmittel, Genußmittel, Erfrischungsgetränk. Milchkonsum in Japan 1920-1970 [From Medicine to Refreshment - the Consumption of Milk in Japan, 1920-1970]

Birgit Quitterer
Die Eßkultur als Spiegelbild japanischer Lebensrhythmen [The Rhythm of Life in Japan as Seen in its Food Culture]

Stephan Köhn
Gourmetcomics in Japan: Betrachtungen zum Begründer und Trendsetter ›Oishinbo‹ [Der kleine Feinschmecker] [Gourmet Comics in Japan. Some Remarks about the Trendsetting Comic Book Series ›Oishinbo‹ (The Little Gourmet)]

Raymond A. Jr. Jussaume, Shūji Hisano, Yoshimitsu Taniguchi
Food Safety in Modern Japan

Ann D. Brucklacher
Facing Globalisation: Japanese Farmers' Responses to Changing Markets

Hanns Günther Hilpert
p. 249-282
Japans Agrarimporte - ein Überblick [Japan's Agricultural Imports - An Overview]

Timothy Iles
›Tampopo‹: Food and the Postmodern in the Work of Itami Jūzō

Steffi Richter
Yoshida, Kikujirō: Depāto B1 monogatari [Geschichten aus der Lebensmittelabteilung von Kaufhäusern]. Tokyo: Heibonsha shinsho, 1999, 224 S.

Jürgen Stalph
p. 315-318
柏木博・小林忠雄・鈴木一義編『日本人の暮らし - 20世紀生活博物館』[Der Alltag der Japaner - Museum des Lebens im 20. Jahrhundert]東京:講談社 2000.414 S., zahlr. Ill. 3800 Yen

Richmod Bollinger
Fehrenbach, Heide und Uta G. Poiger (Hg.): Transactions, Transgressions, Transformations. American Culture in Western Europe and Japan. New York, Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2000, 304 S., $ 69,95

Axel Berkofsky
Funabashi, Yōichi: Alliance Adrift. New York: Council on Foreign Relations, 1999, 501 S., 4300 Yen

Verena Blechinger
Nakasone, Yasuhiro: The Making of the New Japan. Reclaiming the Political Mainstream. Translated and annotated by Lesley Connors. Surrey: Curzon Press, 1999, 256 S., US$ 49,-/¥7680