Japanstudien 15

Mißverständnisse in der Begegnung mit Japan

Issue editors: Isa Ducke & Harald Dolles

Volume 15 of the DIJ yearbook Japanstudien was published in December 2003. Its focus topic is "Misunderstandings in the Encounter with Japan." The aim was to analyze the appearance as well as the solution and consequences of misunderstandings in the encounter with Japan. The underlying assumption was that both in the encounter between Japan and other countries, and within Japan herself, different forms of perception, thinking, feeling, and behavior may collide and that an erroneous perception of the message and its contextual signals can thus lead to misunderstandings. The volume includes seven articles on the focus topic - apart from the introduction -, which can be grouped into the following four thematic blocks: discourses of self-representation, discourses in history, cases from communication and encounter, and micro- and macroeconomic aspects. In addition, the volume includes two miscellaneous articles and reviews of eight books.

Irmela Hijiya-Kirschnereit
p. 9-14
Vorwort (Foreword)

Harald Dolles, Isa Ducke
pp. 17-35
Mißverständnisse in der Begegnung mit Japan - Eine Hinführung (Misunderstandings in the Encounter with Japan - An Introduction)

Klaus Vollmer
pp. 37-68
Mißverständnis und Methode: Zur Rezeption der Japandiskurse (Understanding and Misunderstanding the Nihonron: Modes of Reception and their Assumptions in the Field of Discourses on Japan)

Alexis Dudden
pp. 69-83
Alternative Understandings of Power in Meiji Japan

Xavier Guillaume
pp. 85-116
Misdirected Understandings: Narrative Matrices in the Japanese Politics of Alterity toward the West

Rotem Kowner
pp. 117-151
Japanese Miscommunication with Foreigners: In Search for Valid Accounts and Effective Remedies

Susanne Kreitz-Sandberg
pp. 153-197
Mißverstehen - reflektieren - unterscheiden - erkennen: Zur Entwicklung interkultureller Kompetenz in der japanologischen Lehre (Misunderstanding - Reflecting - Distinguishing - Realizing: Towards the Development of Intercultural Competence in Japanese St

Alois Moosmüller
pp. 199-218
Interkulturelle Routinen in deutschen und amerikanischen Unternehmen in Japan (Intercultural Routines in German and American Companies in Japan)

Cornelia Storz
pp. 219-246
Globalisierung, Technik, Normen - Warum weichen japanische Unternehmen von internationalen Normen ab? (Globalization, Technology, Standards - Why Do Japanese Companies Fail to Comply with International Standards?)

Gabriele Vogt
pp. 249-279
Japans Begegnung mit Okinawa: Kulturelle Identität und ihre politische Funktionalisierung (Japan's Encounter with Okinawa: Cultural Identity and its Political Functionalization)

Clemens Philippi
pp. 281-314
Between "Washington Consensus" and "Asian Way": Japanese Newspaper Authors Discussing the East Asian Financial and Economic Crisis of 1997/1998

Ursula Flache
pp. 317-325
Von den "Dos and Don'ts" - Drei Reise-Knigge für Japan (On the "Dos and Don'ts" - Three Travel Etiquette Guides to Japan)
Thiede, Ulrike: Reisebegleiter Japan: Was man über Japan und die Japaner wissen sollte
Thomas, Gothild, and Kristina Thomas: Re

Andrea Germer
pp. 326-336
Das Leiden an der Kultur (Suffering from Culture)
Graefe, Ayako: Doitsu no haha o kaigo shite [Caring for My German Mother(-in-Law)]
Neumann, Christoph: Darum nerven Japaner: Der ungeschminkte Wahnsinn des japanischen Alltags
Coulmas, Florian: Di

Matthias Koch
pp. 337-348
Seifert, Wolfgang, and Claudia Weber (eds.): Japan im Vergleich

Jürgen Stalph
pp. 349-352
Katō Hidetoshi and Kumakura Isao (eds.): Gaikokugo ni natta Nihongo no jiten [A Dictionary of Japanese Internationalisms]