Call for Special Issues

Contemporary Japan, Call for Special Issue Proposals


Contemporary Japan is continuously accepting proposals for special issues on topics related to present-day Japan or its recent historical development. Proposals should be submitted as a draft call for papers (ca. 1 page, in .doc(x) format) and should include:

  1. Provisional title and theme of the special issue
  2. The special issue’s objectives and how it relates to the existing literature
  3. Examples of questions that would meet the objective of the special issue

Special issues must be open to any researcher working on the addressed topic and not be restricted to participants of specific panels, workshops, etc., though such events may serve as a point of departure. The call for papers will be posted as soon as the final version has been approved.

All papers will be subject to external peer-review. Please note that editors of a special issue cannot author papers, but are strongly encouraged to provide an introduction for the issue.


Please submit your proposal to